Finding the right job

Looking for a new challenge? Want to improve your life?

Then here is the first step. Send us your resume by e-mail. We will evaluate it and then invite you to come to our office to meet us so we can get to know you, find out what are your qualities and what you want to do.

When you come along to us we would like you to bring:

Copy of your CV
Copy of your references,
Copy of your Identity card,
A recent photograph.

We will add your name to our database for future reference and then submit your CV to our clients that are looking for staff. Your shortened CV may be put online,without direct contact details for employers to see.

It is important to you and your future employer that you both find what you are looking for in each other. Lets face it we spend a lot of our time at work it should be a rewarding experience.
And best of all there is no charge to anyone applying for a job.

So check out some of the jobs available NOW. Call us today.

IF you need a simple CV to help you get started you can download one HERE

Tips on resume's

Writing a Cv. The best format to use is microsoft word as most employers will have this program
Keep your Cv to a reasonable size.
Add job details of your previous jobs
If you supply a photograph of your self be sure you are dressed smartly. Do not make the photograph too large as this is commonly what makes your CV too large.
If you make your CV too large this will possibly annoy a prospective employer as it can take a long time to download and take too much space on their server.


When you go for an Interview dress smartly.
Be on time.
If for any reason you are late or must cancel, make sure you call to advise before.
Most will understand, but failing to tell people you will not be their is very unprofessional, and will reflect badly on others opinon of you and your profesional behaviour.
Take a copy of your CV with you and all relevant references and certificates.

Latest Jobs

IT Specialist

Social Media Manager

Head Housekeeping

Sales & Marketing

Front Office

BOQ Staff

Administration / Reservation Staff

Resort Manager


Quantity Surveyor

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Company Set up
PMA 55,000,000
PT 35,000,000
CV 20,000,000

Kitas 9,500,000
Exit Permits
Business Visas
Social Visas
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