Company Audit

A company audit can accomplish many things. During the regular course of business it is easy to overlook details which of your business that are not performing perhaps as well and efficiently as it could be. The daily business of making money seeming of more importance than fixing a system that isn't broken. But is it costing you money not to take time and review it? That is where we come in.

An objective review of your business systems can give you a perspective closer to how your customer views your product or service. It is always easy to see yourself as other people see you.

We will investigate your procedures and report back to you our finding along with suggestions for streamlining or improving your performance.

Fields we would typically look at are:


How your customers are dealt with generally Customer's reaction to your sales technique. How follow up procedures carried out. How complaints dealt with?


A general review of your accounting system and taxation reporting

  • Invoicing
    Petty Cash
    Administration techniques
    A retrospective check on accounts and balances


How is your product or service presented to the potential customers?

Marketing targets and Marketing budgets.

Are you spending money in the right places,
or are you perhaps spending money where it is of little return to you.

    Printed advertising
    Web site
    Sales calls
    Product presentation


    Documentation handling
    E mail response
    Customer updating

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