If you don't have an Accounting department or an efficient Accounting system , after all it doesn't create revenue for you, your Accounting is often left too long leaving you without a clear idea of how your business is really performing.
We can provide this for you at a cost normally less than employing your own accounting staff
The importance of a good and clear accounting system should be the highest priority for all businesses small as well as large.

OUR SERVICES - We can offer you :

Collation of your receipts
Recording your invoices
Recording bank transactions of your business accounts

All this data will be entered into a professional accounting system.

We can then provide you with regular reports of your

Easy for you too read and easy to export to your tax consultant

  • General ledger Profit and loss
  • Overall, by job, by time period.
  • Analyse your Costings
  • Analyse your Sales margins

With this information you can easily review and Control budgets better, with figures at your fingertips you will see if you are realistic in your budgeting

At the end of tax year this can then be gievn directly to a tax consultant for evaluation and submission the the tax department.

Packages start from RP 1.5 (+PPN)Million for small companies


Our team of Registered Tax Consultants have combined more than 50 years experience in Small, Middle and Large size companies in Indonesia and will take care of your Taxation.

Our service Includes :

Monthly service

  • Monthly tax calculation
  • Monthly tax report
  • Yearly tax report

(Excluding Personal Tax Income Taxes)

  • PPH 21 - Employee Income Tax
  • PPH23 - Income Tax
  • PPH4(2) - Income Tax
  • PPH 25 (Monthly installment of Corporate Income Tax)
  • PPN (Value Added Tax)
  • PPN Reporting

from Rp. 1.670.000.- per month +PPN)

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PT 35,000,000
CV 20,000,000

Kitas 9,500,000
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