To stay and work in Indonesia a foreigner will require the above permit. This is sponsored by an Indonesian company (PMA, PT National ) In order to process this we will need from you :

First Kitas 9,500,000 RP - Renewal Kitas 8.500,000 RP

From the sponsoring company

  • Organisational structure of the company
  • 20 Company letter heads, signed by the company director, and endorsed with the company stamp signed by director.
  • Plus copies of the following :

    • Copy of Article of Association / Notary Deed (AKTA)
    • Copy of Legalization from Justice Department (MENKEH)
    • Copy of the company's tax number (NPWP)
    • Copy of the company's business license letter (SIUP)
    • Copy of Disturbance License / Ijin Gangguan (IG) / SITU-HO
    • Copy of the company registration (TDP)
    • Copy of UU No.7 (Man Power Report )
    • Copy of the Director's ID card (KTP) * PT LOCAL
    • Copy of Indonesia staff ID card (KTP)* PMA
    • Company letter head, signed by the Indonesian staff - 20pcs * PMA
    • Company letter head, signed by for PT. Local - 20pcs * PT LOCAL
    • Organization Structure with company stamp and signature
    • KTP of an Indonesian work colleague
    • US$ 1.200.- for the IMTA working permit

    From the applying employee

    Foreign applicants papers needed to process NEW KITAS:

    • Copy and original of the foreigner's passport in color, Validity minimum 18 months
    • Curriculum Vitae
    • Local and Overseas Address of the Foreigner
    • Copy of Education Certificate
    • Passport sized photographs with red backgrounds
    • (4 x 6 = 10pc, 3 x 4 = 4pc, 2 x 3 = 4pc)/each
    • Copy of Marriage Certificate (couple / spouse) for supporting KITAS
    • Copy of Birth Certificate (Children) for supporting KITAS
    • Copy of Working Reference (Min 5 Years) for New KITAS application (Except Director and Commisioner)
    • Copy of Working Agreement for KITAS Ext (Except Director and Commisoner)
    • Copy of Insurance of the foreigner (Personal Insurance * ONLY FOR NEW

    EXTENTION KITAS some requirements are different from NEW KITAS

    • Copy of NPWP ( Personal Tax Registration Number) for KITAS
    • Copy of Insurance of the foreigner (BPJS Ketenagakerjaan & BPJS Kesehatan) Replaces personal insurance required for new Kitas
    • Copy of SKTT - Surat Keterangan Tempat Tinggal / Certificate of Registration for Temporary Residence
    • Copy of Last Salary Slip
      • When the above procedure is completed and approval granted, a telex visa will be sent to an embassy overseas. You will then need to pick up your actual visa and enter Indonesia . After reporting to local immigration and paying the fee due to the Indonesian Government (US$1200), you will receive your complete papers for living and working in Indonesia.

        * from November 2010, CV companies may not sponsor foreign workers. However if existing Cv is at present sponsoring , these permits may be extended under certain circumstances *

        Retirement in Indonesia - Retirement Kitas

        Retirement in Bali has many benefits, Cost of Living against may countries make Indonesia , and especially Bali with its established Ex-Pat community a much considered destination. There are certain conditions that must be met to retire in Indonesia and be awarded a Permit to stay.

        • You must be at least 55 years old
        • A health & life insurance policy with 3rd party coverage
        • A pension plan of US$1500/month or more

        Retirement visa per year 10,000,000 RP


        • Copy of all passport pages (valid for at least 18 months from the date of application)
        • 8 3x4 cm red background photos
        • 12 6x4 cm red background photos<
        • A copy of marriage certificate if married
        • A copy of a savings account statement from your bank
        • A copy of health & life insurance policy<
        • A copy of third party liability insurance policy
        • A statement of intent to employ Indonesian maids and/or driver
        • during his/her retirement in Indonesia
        • A statement letter from the pension plan institution or bank that
          the pension income is US$1500/month or more
        • A statement letter of financial ability to rent an accommodation at
          minimum US$300 per month unless owning a house under a spouses name if Indonesian

        As a retired person , you may not engage in business or be employed without applying to suspend any existing work permit

        Tourist Visa (VOA extension)

        Extend 1 month 1,000,000

        While staying in Indonesia, a 30 day tourist visa (VOA) maybe extended for another 30 days, if the Visa on arrival paid. A free VOA can not be extended
        This cannot be converted into another type of visa. The maximum stay on a tourist tourist visa is 60 days.

        Business visas

        These do not allow a foreigner to work except in an advisory or consulting capacity. They are issued outside of Indonesia , and you must present your self to an Indonesian Embassy with your passport and ID photograph after we have sent the necessary papers to the Embassy in question. Visa charges will then apply will then be charged in local currency

        In Singapore we have agents who can process them on your behalf for a small extra cost. Your documents will be picked up from your hotel and then returned to you the following afternoon.

        Single Entry Business permit

        Validity 2 months (+ 4x extension =180 days total)

        Application 3,000,000 - Extension 1,000,000 RP


        • Two letters on Company stationary , signed by director and stamped
        • Two 6x4 cm photographs (red background, head and shoulders)
        • Plus copies of Business License (SIUP)
        • Tax Registration (NPWP)
        • Directors identity card
        • Applicants passport \

        Multiple Entry Business permit

        Validity 12 months

        Application 3,500,000


        • Two 6x4 cm photographs (red background, head and shoulders)
        • Plus copies of Business License (SIUP)
        • Tax Registration (NPWP)
        • Directors identity card
        • Applicants passport

        Social Visa

        For general social stay in Bali visiting friends / relationships, social - cultural or educational visit. With this visa you are not allowed to do business activities in Indonesia

        Application 1.500,000 - Extension 1,000,000 RP

        • Sponsorship letter
        • Copy of sponsors identity card - KTP (resident in Bali)
        • Copy of sponsor family register
        • Copy of sponsor bank account statements

        From the applicant

        • Copy of passport
        • 2 (two) passport sized photographs (4 x 6 )
        Validity 2 months (+ 4x extension =180 days total)

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