Some sample resumes (cv's)

Resume content

Writing a Cv is the first step to Introducing your self to a possible future Employer. It should be clear, easy to read and provide a functional view of your self your aims in the future.

Include a photo as this helps reference who you are. Remember the employer maybe looking at many CV's. Do not make the image too large, be dressed well and professionally, to give a good impression.

Personal details

This should include age, place of origin, status


Show your education; include dates you were studying, levels achieved and any extra certifications you obtained.

Job history

This is The most important section to most possible employers.
Provide details of the job title, dates of employment and provide a consise job description of the duties that were your responsibility during that employment.
list your work experience in reverse order, most recent first followed by others in the past


    Latest Jobs

Resort Operation Manager

Quality Assurance QC Staff

Events Executive

Human Resources Manager Male / Female BA or Master Degree in HR, Education or in Psychology Computer Literate Min. 5 Years Previous Working Experiences as HR Manager in Education Field Preferred Excellent People Management and Communication Skills Training Skills

Account Payable

Personal Assistant

Senior Architect

Project Manager

Interior Production Manager

Content & Editorial Manager

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Company Set up
PMA 55,000,000
PT 35,000,000
CV 20,000,000

Kitas 9,500,000
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Business Visas
Social Visas
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