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The benefits of employing the right staff show themseles not only in increased productivity in the workplace, but with a easy mind that the aspects of your business they will be responsible for is being handled in the best way possible.After all your staff are often the main contact for your customers.

Pretty obvious stuff. But how to achieve this?

We constantly update our database
Our aim is to have always a comprehensive selection of all staff to fill your particular requirements. All staff are interviewed by ourselves to ascertain their qualities and possible limitations so as to present to you a comprehensive guide as to their abilities and character.

References are checked
and we back our selections with a replacement guarantee should the chosen employee fails to be equal to the job he or she is employed for.

The time involved for you is drastically shortened as you will be reviewing and interviewing only applicants who fit your requirements.

There is no charge
should we provide candidates for you to interview if you decide not to employ them. We will invoice you only if and when you choose for a candidate.

Please call us or send an e mail for more information.

Any enquiry is treated with complete confidentiallity both for prospective employer and employee alike.

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Head Housekeeping

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BOQ Staff

Administration / Reservation Staff

Resort Manager


Quantity Surveyor

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Company Set up
PMA 55,000,000
PT 35,000,000
CV 20,000,000

Kitas 9,500,000
Exit Permits
Business Visas
Social Visas
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