The importance of a good and clear accounting system should be the highest priority for all businesses small as well as large.

With an accounts database you can call up in an instant your customer details, invoices that are due, payments that are late.

You can instantly print reports to show your Profit and Loss, by period of time or by project, analyse sales, Inventory or Budgets. Even to do lists that remind you of the jobs you forget while you are busy earning money for your business.

It is easy to network your data, while allowing access only to whom you choose. Back up your data easily and store off site for safety. This of course is always recomended, in fact three copies is the safest way to protect your data

Work with multiple currencies.
once installed we will train you in its use, and in no time at all you will wonder how you managed without it.


If you don't have an accounts department or don't have the time yourself, after all it doesn't create revenue for you so your accounting is often left too long leaving you without a clear idea of how yor business is really performing.

  • for a regular monthly payment we :
  • Collate your receipts and enter them correctly into your system.
  • Reconcile your bank acounts
  • make a report of your income , expenses
  • prepare a monthly tax report
    You will be able to access information at any time on your computer or print out any report you need.
  • General ledger
  • Profit and loss
  • Overall, by job, by time period.
  • Analyse your Costings
  • Analyse your Sales margins
  • Control budgets better, with figures at your fingertips you will see if you are realistic in your budgeting
    Clearly see how your business is performing and forcast its future trading, or where you need to pay attention to areas that are not performing how you would like them to.

Our recommended Software is Quickbooks Online

Work from anywhere Turn a spare moment into a productive minute. Send invoices, reconcile accounts, run payroll, and more on your phone.
Share books with your accountant Your accountant can access your books remotely to answer questions, fix problems, and do anything needed to get you ready for tax time
Access on a PC or Mac With QuickBooks Online, you and your team can access the books on either device. Finally, something Mac and PC people can agree on.
Capture receipts on your phone Snap a photo of your receipt and easily attach it to any transaction using the QuickBooks mobile app.
Capture receipts on your phone Snap Monthly paynet ffes for cloud based hosting and program
Free#) day trial or first year sizeable discout.
Click on the below thumbnails to see screenshots displaying a sample company with views of company accounts

Contact us for further information or call into our office to discuss what we can do for your company. your needs are our business.

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